factory of superflous abundance

let’s have a thing mean something by sheer abundance of the thing. Ā length, breadth, completeness, backed by data, researched to absurdity. And recorded. every step, in college-ruled notebooks, hundreds upon hundreds of them, lining shelves.

let’s have the kind of self-evident effort only realized by obsession.

let’s investigate a thing until the thing investigated no longer exists. Specimen: gone. It’s particles flown and rejoined elsewhere. You and your experience, your recorded experience is all that is. meaningful. fact-icious even.

because the recorded moment in time, put down in ink, in bytes, one way or another, is pure, subjective, collective… and gathers itself into fact.. becomes Truth as it grows.

.it’s quite something to achieve, creating Truth.

Unfortunately, right now, I can barely get the dishwasher unloaded.